Midi Love

Midi Love

Following on from my week of skirt style challenges, I thought I'd take to my Polyvore to put together a few different looks. I am keen to start injecting a bit of springtime into my wardrobe and this daisy heart yellow pleated skirt is super fresh and pretty, I love the pleats and the lightweight fabric. I'd wear it with a basic stripe tee (surely everyone has one of these) and then two things that I don't own (yet-but obviously plan to!) cream or white Converse high tops (these ones are Comme des Garcons-well I can dream!) and a luscious leather jacket. The one here is Pierre Balmain so, yes, unfortch as I don't have over a grand to spend on a jacket but, this is the shape and style I'd like to go for.
I think that after doing the skirt style challenge, (for any new readers, basically I allowed myself to wear skirts alone for one week, I'm such a trouser junkie but I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed wearing skirts, particularly midi skirts!) I have really reassessed my wardrobe and it's surprised me at how much I have actually got, and things that I could mix and match into different outfits and looks quite easily are happily hanging on my clothing rail. So I think the key for me this season is to make informed purchases that will work hard for me; and this is what I hope to be able to do!
What do you make of this look? Is it something you'd wear?
XO Amie
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