Favourite Place

Cardigan, Blouse, Trousers: Gap
Shoes: Melluso
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Dark photo alert! I use a really basic point and shoot camera to take my blog pictures, when I know I get better results from Adrians Nikon but I don't know how to work the timer on that (or even if it has one!) and I should really invest in a decent camera but sadly a lack of funds (it's the post Christmas feeling!) and a very long ASOS Saved list has meant that I haven't even thought about getting a new one, but perhaps 2012 will be the year I invest!
I wanted to show you one of my favourite places in our house. This saggy old tub chair was my grandmother's but when she passed away I took ownership of it. It's really beautifully embroidered under that throw, but to protect it and for extra warmth I keep it covered! It's such a comfy chair and I spend a lot of time slouching about in it!
Do you like my locket? It was a secret santa present from a lady I work with, we all had to buy something beginning with the first letter of the recipient's name and she got me an A necklace which was so super sweet of her. I love it and I've been wearing it on the outside of this collared blouse for a different look. The leather pumps are Melluso and I totes adore the chunky jewels on the toes....they brighten up January mornings!
XO Amie
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Jacqueline From Da Block said...

Your outfit looks mad comfy. I love those flats.

xx Jacqueline


Stephanie said...

I love the little snippets of interior decorating on your blog Amie! Your necklace looks so cute under the collar of that blouse xx


Unknown said...

I can understand why this is your favourite place, it looks SO cozy! I also love the necklace and flats :)

Temporary:Secretary said...

Very pretty photos, the necklace is lovely x

Alexandra said...

Love these pics, pretty lady!


Lovely place...

Carrie said...

I love that necklace, very pretty and dainty!
<3 Carrie

Tiffany said...

gorgeous photos! that does look like a really comfy place. I like your locket as well


Vix said...

What a beautiful post, Amie! You look so cosy and comfortable in your lovely room. x

Shelley Chen said...

Great blog!

You should enter this giveaway to win your own-designed dress/top!



solipsism dreams said...

Your necklace is gorgeous!!! i love your blog!

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