Wanted #008

I'm back! Yay! Sorry for the extended hiatus, we have now moved house and also got internet which means I can start blogging once more! Our new house is awesome and as we now have a garden, you can be sure that outfit posts will resume once more! But whilst my clothes are still all packed up, I thought I'd share with you my latest Wanted item: these lovely Whistles red relaxed skinny jeans. Yes they are quite summery I suppose, but in an attempt to stop being such a dullard (winter for me equals navy and black) I thoink they'd be a good investment. I don't wear red near to my face normally as it's not a colour that suits me, but I would wear these with a slouchy camel knit and a pair of wedges for a relaxed autumnal look. I love the fact they're not spray-on skinny, too!
What do you make of coloured jeans?
 XO Amie
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wdn th said...

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