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I know, snoringtons or what-yet again no outfit post, just me wittering on about some new thing I've found. I'm sorry in advance that probably until this time next week, there won't be any outfits going on here, and for a good portion of the weekend (read: all of it) and the start of next week, there may well be no posts at all! :( The reason for this, dear readers, is that Adrian and I are moving house! Wheeeee!! So until we are settled in our second home together (!) and our internet is up and running, things may be a little sparse but please bear with me. I am super excited to move but it's such a pain in the butt, and all my clothes are packed into boxes (hence no outfit posts-all I've got is my jimjams, my onesie (!) and my work uniform so I won't bore you with shots of that. I can't wait to get into our new place and start putting our own stamp on it, making it look our own-it even has a small garden (double wheeeeeee!!!) but whilst we are physically moving I may go a bit quiet!
In the interim I thought I'd share with you my new fave beauty product. It's from one of my favourite shops (Jigsaw-this and Whistles are ticking all the right boxes for me at the moment, and my Whistles wish list is as long as my arm!) and I didn't even realise that Jigsaw carried a small beauty range until I popped into my local store the other day and found the products on a shelf at the back. I tried out the hand cream, as I have really bad skin on my hands at the moment-the weather always wreaks havoc with my little paws-and it was instant love! 
The product, firstly, smells amazing. I can't explain it but it's really fresh and also sort of spicy-either way, it's yum. It's made from entirely organic by-products and contains aloe vera, glycerine, shea butter, soya bean oil and evening primrose oil. It's thicker than a lotion but not greasy as some creams can be, and just sinks right on into the skin with none of that 'film' that some creams can leave-I absolutely love my Burt's Bees beeswax and banana handcream but I can only apply it at night as it makes my little hands all slippy. So I decided I'd treat myself to it, it's £16 which is more than I'd pay for a hand cream but considering the problems I've had with my hands and the sheer number of cheapo creams I've tried (and subsequently binned) I think it will be a good investment. It's clearly popular as they had none left in the store and have had to order it in for me!
The bottle is super pretty as well isn't it! And it's made of lovely heavy glass-no flimsy plastic here!
If you want to take a look at the range yourself, you can view it here.
XO Amie
EDIT: I've just noticed on the lable it says 'Made in Devon'. No wonder I like it so much!
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Victoria said...

I can't find this stuff on their website! Where did you get it?

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