I'm not sure what it is, but I can't get enough of a block heel at the moment. I love the powerful edge they lend to a shoe or boot, the air of sexiness they bring without the tartiness sometimes associated with a spindly cigarette. Plus the fact that you can rock them all day long without them hurting your feet, and add to this the ability to run for the bus that they give you, and you're onto a winner in my eyes. For a dressier look a skinny heel might be the way forward but in terms of day to day practicality, chunk me up!
Worn with a skirt or dress, they're slimming in a way a slight heel can only dream of being, and they add a grungy and very modern lilt to your look. I am obsessing over the French Connection bootie-sort of desert boot, sort of brogue, chunky crepe heel...ooh, yes please!
How do you like your heels? Skinny minnie or full fat?
XO Amie
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Princess and the pea x said...

Hey beauty, fab shoes there hun. You made me giggle with the full fat or skinny minnie xxx

Unknown said...

I agree! I have a pair similar to the ones in the first photo and I love them. Plus block heels are much more comfortable to walk in than stiletto heels :)

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