I'll just have ONE(sie)....

Ladies and gents, I've done something I've always sworn I'd never do, in fact, I'm sure I've scoffed many a time the very idea of this but I've finally caved...and bought a Onesie. Sigh. It's not dissimilar to the one above, only slightly less hip and slightly more fleecy. I can't help it-I'm freezing and it's stupidly warm in a onesie, as I've now discovered! I am a convert but worry not, I won't be wearing it outside of the house! It doesn't have feet on it either...thankfully, they are just way too 'giant babygro' for my liking. This one I've got is walking the line, but hasn't overstepped it....yet....
I'd love to know your opinions on these vile creations! I must admit I am only looking forward to wearing it during the winter to keep our heating bill down! And PS if I have offended your eyes with this image I do apologise!
XO Amie
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