I am gutted to report that the lovely House of Harlow 1960 bangle that Adrian bought me for my birthday has only gone and broken! Nooooo!! I am a) gutted, as I loved it, and b) really annoyed as it cost almost £50 and therefore should last longer than a month, no? Anyways, back it goes: I've told Age I'd rather he get a refund and then I'll choose something else (since that particular bangle is now out of stock) and, much as I love this bracelet, I'd rather have something I can wear, rather than something that's broken :( sad face, it sucks when this happens!
My only real jewellery requirements are as follows: whatever it is must be either sterling silver or gold, (preferably gold as I wear this colour more). I can't abide cheap jewels that turn my skin green, plus I have a tendancy to get irritated skin via base metals and/or nickel, so they're out the window. With this in mind, here are two that I've selected-I'd love your opinion!

Sorry about the picture quality, I am using Adrian's Mac and I haven't a clue what I'm doing...I've just googled how to save images, etc. Apaz there's no such thing as a right click on a Mac...who knew!? Plus the @ symbol is up where the 2 should be. Decidedly odd. The first bangle is by Made and the other is by Ashiana, and looks a lot better than my picture makes out! I think they're both quite unusual and quirky, I was drawn to the red stone in the Ashiana bracelet but I must admit the clean lines of the one by Made really appeal to me. Which one do you like?
I am also hankering after a decent cocktail ring with a big old stone in it for the Autumn, preferably something semi-precious set in gold or gold plate, like rose quartz or opal. I have seen a few pretty ones by Lola Rose but I think I'll have to start saving....!
XO Amie
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Erin said...

I love the first one :) x

Kelly said...

Hmm, both of those are gorgeous. I like the first one, because it looks like it would jingle a tad bit, and I love a subtle jingle on a bracelet!

(ps, my husband has a mac too, which I never could use until I figured out that if you hold command and click, it's the same thing as a right click.)

You, my darling, are fabulous.

Glee said...

I love the first one too. It surely will feel more smooth on your skin. It also looks more legant. :)

Anonymous said...

looooooovveee the top one by Made! its one of those beautifully made pieces that you can wear on its own unlike lower end 'stuff' that people tend to pile up!

p.s thanks for the man shoe appreciation! lol

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