I am gutted to report that the lovely House of Harlow 1960 bangle that Adrian bought me for my birthday has only gone and broken! Nooooo!! I am a) gutted, as I loved it, and b) really annoyed as it cost almost £50 and therefore should last longer than a month, no? Anyways, back it goes: I've told Age I'd rather he get a refund and then I'll choose something else (since that particular bangle is now out of stock) and, much as I love this bracelet, I'd rather have something I can wear, rather than something that's broken :( sad face, it sucks when this happens!
My only real jewellery requirements are as follows: whatever it is must be either sterling silver or gold, (preferably gold as I wear this colour more). I can't abide cheap jewels that turn my skin green, plus I have a tendancy to get irritated skin via base metals and/or nickel, so they're out the window. With this in mind, here are two that I've selected-I'd love your opinion!

Sorry about the picture quality, I am using Adrian's Mac and I haven't a clue what I'm doing...I've just googled how to save images, etc. Apaz there's no such thing as a right click on a Mac...who knew!? Plus the @ symbol is up where the 2 should be. Decidedly odd. The first bangle is by Made and the other is by Ashiana, and looks a lot better than my picture makes out! I think they're both quite unusual and quirky, I was drawn to the red stone in the Ashiana bracelet but I must admit the clean lines of the one by Made really appeal to me. Which one do you like?
I am also hankering after a decent cocktail ring with a big old stone in it for the Autumn, preferably something semi-precious set in gold or gold plate, like rose quartz or opal. I have seen a few pretty ones by Lola Rose but I think I'll have to start saving....!
XO Amie
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