Heavy Metal

Blouse: Quiksilver Women
Belt: Gap
Skinny Jeans: Freego, Thrifted
Jumper: Gant, Thrifted
Jewellery: House of Harlow, Vintage, ASOS White

I have always been quite vociferous about my love for certain brands and in particular I do so adore the Quiksilver Women's line. I've posted about it so many times before I'm sure you're tired of hearing about them but as I used to work for Quiksilver I always used to wear the brand as uniform and I loved the way they managed to juxtapose a casual, surfy-hobo lifestyle ethic with high fashion and directional pieces made in sumptuous fabrics. The price point is quite high end but their market is quite niche, I don't know if it just doesn't appeal to very many people but they seem to be quite a small fish in fashion's pond at the moment, even though the brand is probably about 3 years old now. The upshot of this is that I was able to snag this 'Erin' blouse (100% silk) from eBay for just 99p. It's an off cream with tiny grey polka dots, a button bib front and turn back sleeves. Despite my best efforts it is creasing like a mofo but a daily iron is a small price to pay. I was on the lookout for a blouse like this one to replace two others that I had from the Quiksilver Women's line, a cotton flutter sleeve one and a cream silk one, both of which I wore so much they literally fell apart. This one will do nicely and as it's silk it will be a nice transitional piece for AW because silk is so warming, I am looking for the perfect leather jacket to pop over it because I love the contrast of fabrics and colours.

This whole outfit is a bit of a cheapo-how lovely are these high waisted skinnies? By a brand I've never heard of before (now defunct?) called Freego, they were £1.99 in the local Banardo's. I never buy denim because I can never get a pair to fit perfectly, but hola, I've found them in these. The jumper I am wearing around my shoulders was another thrifted birthday bargain, merino wool by Gant, costing me £3 instead of the usual £120 price point, so you can imagine I was chuffed to find it.

Finally the newest addition to my AW wardrobe comes in the form of these glorious boots by Minelli at Spartoo-aren't they dreamy?!
Have a lovely day
XO Amie
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