The perfect denim jacket....

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Sorry for my hiatus yesterday! I wasn't feeling great and after a long day at work and a soak in the tub all I was good for was bed (after an episode of Pushing Daisies!) 
In thinking about my 'perfect' wardrobe, I think I mentioned that a denim jacket was high on my list of priorities. I've only ever had one denim jacket before; which was a fitted pale wash number from H&M. However the denim was quite hard and the colour a little too 'on trend' so after a season I ended up getting rid of it as I just didn't think I'd wear it again. 
As autumn approaches and I think about my transitional wardrobe, I'm keen to make a denim jacket a part of it. With this in mind I present to you this Quiksilver Women's number. Mid wash denim, classic shape with a slightly shaped back for a feminine twist. I think it's beautiful as well as being functional, which is a difficult combination to master in any garment! What do you think?
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Carrie said...

This is a very cute denim jacket! I love mine, I wear it a few times a week!
<3 Carrie

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