Clean Lines...

Top: Zara
Trousers: Warehouse
Shoes: Staccato
Bag: Primark
Stack Ring: ASOS White
My new shopping routine is continuing apace and I'm not finding it at all hard to stick to. I made my purchase for July which is this ASOS White hallmarked silver and gold plated stack ring. It was reduced to £19.50 from £65 and I have been lusting after it for ages so it was a no-brainer really. I would have probably paid the full whack for it so the fact it was in the sale makes it all the sweeter.
I haven't decided what I'm going to buy for August yet. I know that I've been steering clear of the high street as I am not really looking to buy more pieces that are in the same vein of things I've already got; rather I'd like to invest in key pieces that will last by either young designers or established brands whose products I love and will feel like a treat to me. I've discounted spending at work as it's uniform changeover so I had to buy 4 pieces for the new season (we have to wear the product so I have no excuse!) I managed to get a couple of silky tops, cardigan and a pair of trousers which I am hoping will see me through the season with some careful accessorising. I am also not going to limit my charity shop spending because a) I hardly ever seem to find the time to go these days, and b) on the occasions I do, you can't leave something you've seen 'for another time' as, I'm sure all you thrifters will know, someone else will snap it up. The last two purchases made were a new and sealed Clinique facial product set (£1.50, Hospice shop) and yesterday I stumbled across what might be my favourite buy ever; and Angel Jackson Jaguar tote. I'll try and get a picture up but for those of you who follow my Twitter, I posted a pic on there for you to see. It cost me £20 which is more than I would usually spend in a charity shop; but this was a savvy one with a 'vintage' section (darn those!) I fell in love with a dreamy long creamy white cape backed dress (must be the wedding weekend influence!) and a peach and ice blue 3 piece suit, in my size, but both pieces were ridiculously priced: £35 for the dress (which was grubby, and would have required some repair) and £25 for the suit (which I suppose isn't actually that bad, but still unfairly hiked up in price due to its groovy 'vintage' lable.) But I digress; the jaguar tote is both beautiful and functional and I am completely besotted with it. Even more so when I googled it and found they retailed for around £260! So when you look at it like this, it's a bargain!
I'm off to scoff a chip butty! nom nom! 
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