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First of all, thankyou for your lovely comments regarding the bereavement in my family. It is never an easy time and both Adrian and I have found ourselves facing this situation in the last couple of weeks. But hopefully now things are getting back to normal and we can get on with things as ususal-it's never easy though.

Anyway; I have just got back from Devon where Adrian and I were spending time with our families. Hence no regular posts-sorry! Sometimes I just need a break away from the blog and now I'm back and raring to go again.

I have been asked by a few of my followers about my makeup and skincare routine. Now, I'm not a beauty blogger in any way-if you want detailed and suitably fabulous makeup blogs, check out these here and here. I am, however, a beauty junkie and I love a decent product. Starting with the bronzer above-possibly the best I've ever tried, L'oreal Sublime Bronze. This product can be found in Boots and Superdrug and it only costs about £6.99, I actually found mine in Boots in a clearance bucket for 66p! So I thought I'd take a chance on it and it is great-really soft colour that looks natural and is really easy to apply.

This Cath Kidston baby shampoo is another staple on the bathroom shelf. I actually bought it for Adrian because his scalp gets irritated easily but I use it too. It doesn't contain any bad stuff because it is designed for babies and it smells great, it has aloe vera in it and leaves hair really soft.

I've only recently discovered the Burt's Bees brand but I've already fallen for it hard. I adore the vintagey packaging and the products themselves (I've tried a few) and they all smell fantastic and are packed full of natural goodies. This beeswax and banana hand creme is a particular favourite, I love anything banana-y and this hand creme is really softening and smells good enough to eat!

Another brand I really like is Cowshed. Again their packaging is really modern but with an edge and the products are full of gorgeously smelling  oils and extracts. I particularly rate this balancing body lotion which smells so yummy.

My new favourite perfume! D&G Rose the One. Lush.

Philosophy Inner Grace buffing shower gel...this is a product I bought to try and fell in love with it. I'll always, always buy this in the future-it is a creamy shower lotion with a sandy texture that exfoliates and buffs, and the smell is out of this world! Think clean cottony freshness. It reminds me of clean bedsheets, which sounds wierd but is amazing in reality; the scent also lingers on the skin for ages.

This Skin Doctors cleanser is awesome; it sloughs away dead skin cells and brightens the complextion prior to toning. I use it every day, but you have to be careful to wear a daily spf when using it as it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

A favourite body lotion...YSL Elle. Only because of the scent, yuuuuuum! Love it, I  used to wear the fragrance but I fancied a change after wearing it for about a year. I still use the body lotion now and again though!

One last thing....I was so up for some fake tan action the other day but wasn't sure what to do with regard to product. I never seem to get it right...the only product I've really liked is that Famous Dave's tanning mousse, but it's sooooo expensive! I went for this 'make believe' set this time which was on special offer in Boots, and I have to say, it's really good! You get  a night time facial tanner, instant tan, and gradual tan products in the set and they actually smell really good, apply easily and seem to give good colour...tick, tick, tick!
Which products do you swear by?
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Sara said...

I don't use so many cosmetics, but maybe it is bad?

Vix said...

Snap! I've just done a post on my cheap essentials. xxx

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