Vintage Shoes, I Love You....

I feel like just lately I have really got back into vintage shopping again. I have always loved vintage, and have amassed quite a collection over the years, but every now and again I realise time has gone past without me wearing much of it. Well, that's changing! I have got the vintage radar set to 'find' and I have been sneaking charity shop raids in all over the place. Adrian and I have been doing a lot of exploring of late, what with the weather being so nice, and us not having a garden, we've been using any excuse to get outside on our days off.
A recent trip to the next town along from ours (on foot no less!) proved fruitful. Probably my favourite purchase was these Charles Jourdan navy blue leather heels. I am obsessed with vintage footwear; possibly beyond obsessed actually, the first thing I scope out when I find a charity shop is the shoe section. A lot of people find that a bit wierd; a friend of mine used to shudder at the thought of buying second hand shoes, I guess I get why it might seem a bit skanky but oh well, a shoe's a shoe-yes they've been worn before but it's not much different to trying on a shoe in a shop that someone else might have tried on. I suppose. 
Ah well-skanky or not, I love them! And at £2.99 I wasn't going to leave them behind! I find vintage shoes suit me perfectly because I have small, narrow feet. I am about a UK 3.5 (small! My mum is a size 2.5 so I think it's in the genes!) but I rarely find half sizes on the high street. Vintage shoes always come up quite small so a vintage 4 is normally the perfect fit.
I am wearing the blue chiffon blouse from Sainsburys that Adrian got me for Christmas. Yes, Christmas! And I've only just got round to wearing it, the shame! I'm never normally this 'matchy matchy,' check out the navy shirt 'n' shoes combo! I've broken it up with a bit of tan on the belt which I thinks look ok.
I'll try and do a haul post soon, I've tried a few new things just lately which I'd like to share with you, specifically some lovely new beauty products and also a few other charity shop finds, including an amazing boxy blouse which has a rope stitched detail around the neckline, cost £1.49, and smelled inexplicably of fish when I bought it-thankfully it has now been washed and smells much better. Another rookie charity shop downside-sometimes the clothes are less than fresh!

I'm not sure where the sun has gone but I wish it would come back! Today is dull and rainy and grim, hence photo's in the stairwell rather than in the rain. So I've spent the day catching up with my blogroll, reading the back issues of Vogue and Elle that I picked up when I went home at the weekend, and drinking tea. Whenever I go home, Mum always loads me up with goodies to bring back with me-this time, amongst other things, it was a triple pack of Cowbiscuits, which I am steadily smashing my way through. Adrians Mum and Dad also gave us a huge chicken chocolate easter egg each, which we've left at theirs as we will be popping back for easter, but I can guarentee they won't last 5 minutes once I get my paws on them.

Jewellery: Vintage Shoes: Vintage Charles Jourdan Blouse: Sainsburys Chino's, Belt: Zara

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Anonymous said...

your blouse and your shoes are adorable.
xoxo Anna

LittleRachael said...

Love, love, love your outfit! You're becoming one of my favourite bloggers :-) That shirt is so pretty.

Little Rachael
Little Rachael
Little Rachael

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