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Wow, today was such a beautiful day! I had to work but for only a few hours so I was able to enjoy the sun a little bit. I have felt really inspired by Swedish street style just lately and one of the things about the Swedish girls looks that I love is the simplicity. Usually only a couple of colours, luxe fabrics and structural shapes...yum. So I tried to channel this idea a little bit today in my look. 

Jacket: Topshop Stripe Top: Gap Men's Bag: Vintage Belt: Vintage Dior Shoes: M&S Trousers: Fin Oslo

These boyfriend trousers are by Fin Oslo and I bought them from ASOS. Fin Oslo is quite an expensive brand but they were in the sale! I love ASOS for that; it's a really good place to have a root about if you like designer brands but can't afford the price tag. I certainly can't, so I often have a little squizz at their clearance section.

I chose to add a pop of colour to my look with these M&S sandals. I love the style, the heel is really sculptural and they are really quite comfy. First baring of my tootsies this year...and a child stamped on them. Oh well!

This bag is vintage, knackered and decorated with dinosaur stickers from Adrian and my 'courting days' aww, I love little things like that. Memories! 

Hope you've had a lovely day in the sunshine too 
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