Sunshine makes me happy.....

Ahh, the summer it....

Sorry for my face in this was very windy! My outfit is all Topshop except the jumper, which I have just realised is Topman! Doing it for the highstreet!

Self-taught levitation....Derren Brown, move over!

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Style of a Fashionista said...

awwww really love the pics and we have been sooooo lucky with the weather. Loving your outfit perfect for enjoying the sunshine and the outdoors xoxo

Pippa said...

Seriously love the colour of those trousers :) I am greatly in envy of you for those! <3

Princess and the pea x said...

Happy belated easter hun xx

Lovely post, great pics and very cute outfit.

Enjoy the sunshine

xxShivvyxx said...

hahaha love the photo of you jumping! It really looks like you're attached to a balloon or something :P xxShivvyxx

Vintage Vixen said...

What lovely pictures, you are a fab advert for TopShop, Sir Philip Green should snap you up. xxx

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