River Island Haul!

I popped into my local shopping mall  this morning and on my way past River Island I noticed a sign saying 50% off all sale prices. Well, I wasn't going to pass up a look at that! I don't normally shop at River Island; but I thought it'd be worth a go since everything was so cheap! The sale was good anyway, despite there not being much left, and then you could take a further 50% off the marked price. Thus, this super cute ditsy print jacket was reduced from £30, to £10, making it a paltry £5!

I also got these faux leather, laser cut shorts which were a little bit big but for £6 I can live with it. I think they have more than a touch of the Christopher Kanes about them. I can't wait to wear them!

I also bought this necklace which was reduced from £14.99 to £2! Amazing. I'm sure you've all seen the turquoise, ring version that's been in all the press? I liked this chunky brown stone and I think I will get a lot of wear from it.

I also found this blouse, which is so pretty-embroidered with flowers and swallows, and has a lot of beading and tassles on the arms. It was just £6! 
Check out your local RI store, or look on their website as they seem to have quite a bit of stock left on there too! Share the bargainous love! Let me know if you get anything!
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