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Remember this gorgeous Zara dress that I bought last year? Recent followers friends may not be au fait with it, so I'll explain...
Basically, I'm a trouser girl. I love how skirts and dresses look, but I never seem to be able to wear them in a way that I feel comfortable and/or stylish in. However, when I spotted this dress over on YourFittingRoom, I decided I had to have it-it would be the perfect transitional piece to add a little bit of girly flirtiness to my wardrobe.
In typical 'me' fashion I then went and toughened it up with a leather jacket and killer boots. And I loved it, and I got SO many compliments when I wore it.
And then I put my trousers back on and I haven't worn it since!
Which is a crying shame, and the reason I have listed it for sale on ASOS Markeplace!
It's going for £20 which is half what I paid!
If you're interested, click here to have a look!
And check out the other amazing things over on the marketplace while you're at it!
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Anonymous said...

New to your blog!
I love your style.
The dress is so vintage

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

This is so gorgeous on you though! Looks great with the jacket and boots but I'm sure it will a good home somewhere else! You do suit trousers very well though. The only trousers I can wear are jeans! x

Alexandra said...

I love this dress, shame im not a size 8 i would gladley take it off your hands.

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