Somewhere there is a feather slowly falling from the sky...

I love feathers. They are so pretty and also on trend; this isn't why I love them, but it makes them all the more desireable. I was once told that every feather that you see in your path, or falling from the sky, is sent to you from a loved one who has passed. I think this is lovely. If you ask for a feather, you will get one.

This beautiful feather necklace was my Valentines gift from Adrian-how lovely is it! I adore it and funnily enough was totes looking for a feather necklace, (he didn't know about this!)and how about that! Now I have one!
I have had a productive day today-I spent most of it wandering around the city with my new lovely friend and guide, Kitty. (Thanks Kit!) we had a great time and I feel I am settling in a little more now. I miss my mum and dad terribly as well as my girlfriends, so it is great to make new friends; not to replace the old ones but to have fun and spend time with, otherwise it can be quite lonely.
I have also set up a blog competition which you can enter here. Have a look, it's a huuuuge goodie bag giveaway :)
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Unknown said...

Beautiful necklace, I adore feather necklaces!

heartshapedbruise. said...

Oh my word, that necklace is stunning. Your bloke has superb taste :)

daisychain said...

that is a really gorgeous necklace!

Unknown said...

Liked the feather...its looks really nice...


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