I haven't done an outfit post for a couple of days because I am getting soooo sick of my work clothes being so borrrring! I am trying to take less pics inside as well as I like them better but it is hard because we don't have a garden now and I feel a bit silly taking pictures out in the street! 

Jacket, Blouse, Trousers: Gap Shoes: Staccato Jewellery: Vintage & Gifted

Check out my blue plaster! I cut my thumb at work and it hurt sooo much! Nice accessory, ha, not!

Will try to post some better pics tomorrow...Don't forget to enter my Big Blog Giveaway to win an amazing goodie bag!
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and then there was METAL said...

dawww ur so cute

Carrie said...

you look super cute! :D


eelectroCutee said...

I have the same situation as you.. you with office outfit and me with my school outfit..
My school outfits always consist of pants, blouse or shirt.. hahahaha

daisychain said...

I really need to check out Gap for trousers!

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