One Night...

Gah! This was meant to be a nice picture-heavy post but stoopid blogger is claiming that I have exceeded my photo allowance! Something to do with Picasa Web Albums being full? Anyone else had this problem? Or know how to solve it?!
Anyway, Monday night, Adrian and I went to see 'Trophy Wife' and 'Esben and the Witch' in the city. It was super fun and mega loud and I liked it, a lot. I was unsure what to wear because everyone is achingly hip and I didn't know whether I would fit in but what the heck, I had been at work since 7am and I was crabby and my feet hurt. So I went for comfort!
I'm annoyed about the picture fail because you can't really see my outfit in these ones. I wore a little vintage blouse that I picked up at the vintage jumble sale (I am not kidding, I got about 1/5th of my summer wardrobe there for the grand total of £11, so you may be seeing new items fairly frequently). Anyway, the blouse is adorable, it is cream, button down with a gather at the back, covered buttons and little patch pockets on the front with the most pretty little floral print all over it. I can't wait to wear it with little shorts and sandals in the summer. I layered up as well because venues always get notoriously hot, sure enough I was stripping off with wild abandon halfway through-lucky for me (and everyone else!) that my blouse is sleeveless so it kept me at the optimum temperature! Over the top of it I wore my vintage old mans cable cardi (I rolled the sleeves for a different look) and dragged out my chunky snood.

Cardigan, Blouse: Vintage Shoes: Stacatto Harems: Warehouse Satchel: Vintage Chanel Belt: Vintage Dior Cuff: Vintage Snood: H&M

I love the mix of knits in this picture, and the cuff is so nice. It's a vintage one that a friend of my nan's gave me. I think it's cool and despite not usually wearing silver jewellery I have worn this quite a lot!
Sorry for the small post...hopefully I will have sorted out my picture issues by tomorrow!
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