Caramel Chew Chew...

I am so annoyed with my photo's; I don't know what's happened because Adrian took these for me and they looked fab on the camera, but something has been lost in the editing I think as they look so dark and bleugh. Gutted.

So it seems I am a little slow on the uptake with the camel trend. Because now colour is where it's at, but I seem to have fallen in love with this shade and now I can't stop wearing it. I did break this look up with a plum blouse, though in the photo it looks dark brown-it isn't. I did have to crowbar a little colour in there and I thought the shirt lifted the look really well. 

Cardi, Blouse, Trousers: Gap Belt: Vintage Dior Shoes: Staccato Rings: Vintage.

I am loving these trousers, they are a part of my new uniform and they are so comfy-slightly high waisted, pegged, wayyyy too long so I have to cuff them about 3 times but I think that looks ok. They are going to be a staple part of my wardrobe I think; I am going to play around with them as a base for more colour. I think they'd look great with a flash of neon somewhere; maybe on a shoe or a blouse. I'll have a play around...

In the last 2 days I have had an influx of mentions from celebs on Twitter! well, not so much mentions as responses to questions I've poised! They are: Edith Bowman, Matt Littler (Max from Hollyoaks) and (my very fave) Lee Boardman who is the narrator of my fave show ever, Road Wars. It's a guilty pleasure! Do you guys use Twitter? I'm on there you can find me by searching @amieisdancing or by clicking the widget at the top of my blog.
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Anonymous said...

Oh, like your Cardigan. Nice Look

daisychain said...

I love those trousers!

FoodPilgrims said...

I love the trousers, I have a similar pair that I am majorly fallen out of love with at the moment - I need more inspiration for them!
Following you now on Twitter, and I passed on a blog award to you too :)

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