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I bought these clog boots a couple of weeks ago and I love them. They're so soft and I love the sape of the heel. I went for a lighter coloured leather because I am going to wear them in the summer too with dresses (I know! I'm going to make myself wear lots of dresses!) They are actually pretty comfortable too because the heel is so chunky and the platform gives them a lot of height at the front so the heel doesn't feel so steep!
This is our front room. This is Adrian's sofa but now I've got joint custody, haha! It's soooo squashy and it's falling apart a little bit but it is comfy and big and lovely to slouch down in with a cuppa and a biccy.

Like I said in a previous post, I am trying to get outside more with my pictures. Unfortch as you can see, I failed today! But I am going to try and do more outside going forward. It was raining today anyway, yuk! I can't wait for some nice weather. I miss having a garden...

Jacket: H&M Blouse, Trousers: Gap Headscarf. Chain: Vintage Clog Boots: Jones Bootmaker
I like these skinny cropped trousers. The leg is ever-so-slightly flared at the bottom, so they kick out a little bit, very Isabel Marant and about as far towards a flare as I ever venture. They're really comfy and, yes, black...which does go with everything despite the fact that I am making a big effort to move away from this colour!

I am being a kid and posing with this drum which belongs to Darren who is in the same band as Adrian. I went to watch them play last night and I roadie sometimes :) which means I have to carry kit, yesterday this included this drum, a guitar and a pedal. Go me! muscles or WHAT!

I think they should let me be in the band, I'm not sure what I could do though as I can't play any instruments. Maybe I should learn! At the gig yesterday there were a few other bands who played, one had a lady bassist who I thought was very cool until she chucked a cup in the audience which I thought was a bit of bad form since it smashed into bits near my friend. Hmm. They sung songs about Go Cat though so I'm sure they'll still do well despite tumbler-hurling antics.
I am well jel of all the bloggers who are rinsing the goodie bags/FROW/street style pics at LFW, I really want to be there, and be part of it! Luckily we will soon have Bristol Fashion Week to enjoy, but even though that's amazing, it's not quite the same....I'll make sure I get my reporter head on, though, to tell you all about it :)
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Gemma said...

Those boots are lovely, I think you picked the right colour. Love your jacket too, I've got something similar and you've just inspired me to get it out and wear it! x

Paint it Black said...

Those boots are gorgeous great colour too perfect for summer and will look fierce with dresses and bonus they are comfy always a good thing love the first pic xoxo

Anonymous said...

i love the style of your photos!! is that the iphone app you use on them, to make them look retro??


TotallyDanielle said...

i love your whole outfit!
you sound so muc like me becuase i love fashion and dance too. infact i dont love it. its my life ;)

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