The Lovely Miss S....

You'll never guess who I spotted shopping in the store I work in the other day. (Well, the picture above is a big giveaway, and I'm sorry I haven't mentioned it sooner-kept forgetting!) No, not Sienna Miller, but the other S with the same bloodline-her sister, Savannah.
She was shopping with her husband Nick and their two (very chatty and confident) children. She seemed a little rushed and I was irritated that I wasn't wearing a better outfit, but oh well. For those who are interested, Sav epitomised country chic in her 'downtime' outfit that consisted of a cute chunky beanie, oversized leopard print coat which I am 99% sure is Topshop, skinny jeans and hunter wellies. She looked good and bought a mountain of kidswear, I didn't serve her or I might have asked for an autograph..maybe. I knew it was her, I kept looking at her and thinking, I know you, as you do when you see a celebrity that you see in the media a lot-when they're not in print, you can place them, but cannot remember why or from where.

I have included my picks from the AW10 Twenty8Twelve collection which you can look at here. I think their clothing range is really underrated-after all, Sav studied at St Martins so clearly knows her stuff, and with Sienna as a clothes horse-well, it wasn't really going to fail. They are definitely strengthening as they develop the collections, however, and I think this is their best yet.

Love the sheer tights! Perfect for the in-betweeny weather (once we get out of the 'bloody cold weather' phase!)
In other news! Adrian and I got our new house keys today and are moving tomorrow, it's all systems go but until we can get internets up and running I may be a little quiet-I'm working on it!
I also spent some of my Christmas vouchers today-I bought the jumper from Next I had told you about, but chose black over the khaki green in the end. Mistake maybe, since allegedly black is OFF the radar for this year. However, I think the faux fur shoulder details lift it from boring territories and I will wear it a LOT. I also spent some (not all!) of my Toppers voucher on a pair of clogs (£10! Reduced from £70! Navy, slingback, wooden heel/platform!) which I think will do nicely for work as well as this coming summer, because by all accounts clogs are still going to be the shoe shape du jour, and at that price I just couldn't pass them up. I also bought two scented candles for the flat at £2 a piece, I blogged about them back along when I was talking about nice little homely pieces that would make good gifts. I liked them anyway and since they were super good value I thought they would make a nice addition to our home.
Promise I will be back soon! Spend for me!
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