What a Day!

Hey folks. Well, today was one of those days. I don't really mean that actually-it just began horrendously but now all is fine again and I can look back on this morning's events and smile, (just!) Basically, I was meant to be at work super early to process a delivery but woke up about 2 minutes before I was due to be there. Eeek. The reason for this, was, believe it or not, fashion-related: the other day I hefted a huge tote bag over my shoulder and really pulled my back, since then it has got worse and worse and I could hardly move without pain. Last night my back woke me up about 4 times so by the time my alrm went off I was so exhausted I slept right through it. And oh, the horrible feeling of shock when I realised the time...awful. *shudder*. Luckily I was only about 20 minutes late so there was no great harm done, but isn't that the worst feeling, waking up late when you have to be somewhere? Feel free to share your experiences, might make me feel better!! I think it is worse if, like me, you NEVER do that-I am not an oversleeper, which makes being late and rushing all the more awful. I am lucky that I have an Adrian in my life-he saw me having a complete freak out in the middle of the bedroom, bra in one hand, slipper sock in the other, and simply got out of bed, walked over and put his arms around me. I felt so much calmer after that-I think you just have to accept, you know, you're going to be late, so just go with it. Bless him-he is now snoozing next to me, I think the early start (especially with me in panic mode) has worn him out!

Right, so whats new in the blogosphere? You'll see that I've been posting a lot of alternative posts to my usual outfit/rant posts that I normally do, what do you think of them? I like to give my readers something else to look at once in a while, a lot of fashion bloggers also showcase baking and cookery as the other string to their bow, but coming from someone who burns water, this is probably not a route I will be taking. Talking about nice things I've seen and found, however, is something I can! So I do!
Here I am showcasing my new-old-cardigan (so called because it is thrifted, so is old, but new to me.) It's huge-like a proper old mans cardi-but I love the shape of it and the knit, and the little leathery buttons. It's a little moth eaten and I shall need to get the needle and thread out to fix this, but that's ok. It is similar in shape to the one in Topshop that every celeb was papped in, almost cocoon-y and with big chunky sleeves. I got it from the local Oxfam who seem to be cashing in on the vintage clothing trend-I found it on a rail marked 'retro' which was nice as it meant I didn't have to dig through the piles of per una and Primark cast offs to find it, but it did give them licence to price it over the odds because it's 'in fashion.' And what can you do? You can hardly haggle in a chazzer-I mean, it's for charity! Besides, I have had lucky cheap-buys: See: Celine shoes, £3, Louis Vuitton purse, £1.50...This cardi was a tenner and the wear I have already had from it has meant it's paid for itself. I also machine washed it on a delicate wash and it came up fine which is another bonus-I don't have to hand wash the blimming thing.

I re-found my summer chino's and thought I'd spin them for winter with a chunky knit and pumps. I was going to wear black boots with them but it made the look too 'heavy' so I reached for the pop socks and stuck to ballet pumps. I love these-they're only Primark but I have had to eat some humble pie after being snobby about their shoes-these are so comfy it's a joke.

Cardigan, Jewellery: Vintage, Stripey Tee: Topman, Chino's: Zara, Pumps: Primark.

I am once again reaching the stage of hating my hair. It's kind of long-ish now and I can put it in a top knot without the back falling down and me having to use a million grips, but...it's boring. I am so uninspired and can't think of anything to do with it. I want to keep the length, as I quite like that about it-any ideas?!

Thanks for all being such lovely followers. Sorry my posts are a little sporadic...!
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