Hardest Competition Ever!

I was recently contacted by the lovely Daisy and Jenny from DiscountCoder who asked me to take part in a Blogger's competition in association with Asos. With the prize being £100 of Asos vouchers, of course I was going to take part!

The brief was to create an outfit from product on the Asos website totalling no more than £100. It was soooo hard! I had a few ideas of the outfit I wanted to create, but then I'd get the trusty calculator out and realise that with all the key components that I needed, my look had spiralled way beyond budget! The one thing that this competition has taught me is that I a) have expensive taste and b) find it hard to know when to stop accessorising!

So the outfit I went for in the end was something I would wear myself. I have been after a pair of velvet peg trousers for ages so when I spotted these midnight blue ones on the site I knew they would make a good starting point for my look.

I love to mix up textures, and based on this I then chose a filmy sheer shirt to tuck into the pegs. Had I had an unlimited budget I would have also picked a black bra to wear underneath-so on trend right now! But I am going to imagine that's how I would style it anyway. I also wanted to get some faux fur in (very Dr. Zhivago) but unfortch the budget would not allow!

Staying on my texture mash up theme, I found an adorable pair of shoe boots in an eclectic crocodile texture. The navy blue shade is a point of difference and adds a little more attitude than I think a black pair of shoes would. I love the thicker block heel on these too, very Louis Vuitton catwalk-esque! I love the 'granny' styling that is fairly prominent at the moment and these nod to that nicely whist remaining chic at the same time.

Of course no outfit would be complete without an accessory to pull it all together, and since I was already working 3 different textures within the look, I thought simplicity would be best. This gorgeous double finger ring is so sleek-it was a no-brainer to really give the outfit a bit of class.

So there we have it. The total outfit cost comes to £96-just enough change left over to treat yourself to a Christmas Starbucks coffee and a cake! Yumyum :)

I love this look and if I was lucky enough to win the prize I would buy it all!

Check out all these pieces for yourselves over on ASOS, click here. And don't forget to have a look at all the wonderful offers to save you money over on DiscountCoder, simply click here to check them out!
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Imsu said...

Wow. Good luck!
I love ASOS too.
A £100 ASOS Gift Voucher is something to die for!


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