Giles Inspired.....

Firstly, I just have to say sorry that I haven't done an outfit post sooner! I've been taking photos as normal but have had a lot going on with my blog just lately so haven't been uploading them!

Remember a couple of seasons ago, Giles Deacon showed those huge, chunky knit, 'neck brace' style scarves? I had one similar that I had forgotten about so I thought I'd re-visit the look with it. And I had also forgotten how warm it was! 

I love this sweater too which I bought in the Topshop summer sale. It has tassles all over the arms and back and it is really different, I love it.

Scarf: Primark Jumper:Topshop Trousers:Warehouse Boots: ASOS

I am also really feeling a topknot at the moment, I'm not sure if this is beacuse I'm too lazy to do it properly! I think it looks cute though :)

Hope you've all got your scarves and gloves sorted! It's been freezing!
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eelectroCutee said...

that's a very unique jumper.. :)

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