Final Next Christmas Pick!

I can't believe my Next blogging challenge has come to an end! But here it twelfth choice for the twelfth day of Christmas!
I have mainly focused on clothes and accessories with my picks so far but in keeping with the Christmas spirit, (well-it is only 4 days away!) I chose a gorgeous festive Amaryllis flower which would make any home look festive. It is so pretty and also comes with chocolates so you can give it as a gift or just use it to decorate your home or room and scoff the chocs yourself! Yum!

Amaryllis are such lovely flowers and how could you not feel in the Christmas mood looking at those pretty red petals. Love!
The plant costs £28 with the chocolates and you an order it here
Remember to order before noon on Wednesday to ensure Christmas delivery!
You can shop the rest of the Next site here.
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