Feeling Festive...

One of the best things about Christmas is the excuse to eat junk. So by dint of this a doughnut for breakfast gets me off on the right foot!

This is the Christmas tree at Adrians house. I seem to be here all the time lately, (sorry Age!) mainly because we are both so busy with various work commitments that it just makes sense to come back to the same place else we'd never see each other! I had the day off today but that's it now until the 23rd-seems crazy to think my next day off is the day before Christmas Eve! I finished my shopping today with Adrian and got a few bits for his family and then we both went on a *tiny* bit of a self-gifting spree-we are both trying to be good with money at the moment, but Age bought a really nice black hoodie and grey tee from Topman and I found a cute pair of khaki high waisted harems in the sale for £15 so I treated myself to them.  

Cardigan, Jewellery: Vintage Blouse: Fin Oslo Harem Trousers: Gap Faux Fur turban, Ballet Pumps: Primark

The only way I can wear ballet pumps at the moment is with pop socks, and even then thats pushing it-it's freezing! I am really struggling on the boot front at the moment-I have maybe 3 or 4 pairs but none that I actually want to wear-you'll know how this is I'm sure. I am thinking of treating myself to a new pair-from my new fave shop, Pied a Terre. They have some wonderful sale bargains to pick from, and also sell the best quality shoes I've ever found.

But for now, I'm going to have to suffer with chilly toes!
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Paint it Black said...

I love Christmas your tree looks super cute. I think it is good to treat yourselves at Christmas time I always buy myself a little something :))) xoxo

Rebecca said...

Lovely cardigan ♥ x


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