Paris Ooh La La!

Bonjour! So the boy and I are back from Paris, which means I get to share my holiday snaps with you! They aren't very 'fashiony' as we did a lot of walking so my outfits mainly consisted of: Pegged woolen trousers, flat boots, and my sheepskin aviator which kept me toasty warm! However here is the Boy rocking a totally trendy look outside the Versailles Palace!

And of course some obligatory pictures of la tour eiffel. It was freezing and we went up to the second floor, the view was amazing.

The ultimate shopping destination-the Champs Elysees. We went to see the Arc du Triomph at the top and passed Louis Vuitton and Cartier (amongst others) on the way up! We also popped into H&M and they had quite a lot of Lanvin product left but it was only the super expensive pieces such as the £299 coat and £149 dresses! So I didn't treat myself to any of it :( however I did buy a pretty blouse which I am sure you'll be seeing soon.

Thankyou for putting up with my absence! It's nice to be back on the blog after a week!
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Kirsty . x . said...

Wow looks fantastic in the winter light, Paris is on my list of places yet to be visited but i'll get there!

K x

Angelica Ng said...

WOW! Oh, what I'd do to go to Paris. City of love and fashion. My two favourite things. ;) Nice photo of Cartier btw.

Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

Say wahhh? You guys live in Paris? Or close to Paris? That's the city of LOVE! I bet you're finding love every where ey? lol.


Anyway those are amazing pictures. The Eiffel Tower and the angle you took it is amazing. If I was there, I would totally take a bunch of picture of that prominent place. You're HELLA lucky! lol

amie k said...

Thanks for your comments lovelies!
Abby-I don't live there but my brother does. We (the boy and me) went on holiday there for a few days. It was amazing!
Angelica and Kirsty-you MUST visit it, it is an incredible city.

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