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I am always searching for a decent liquid eyeliner. I get through about one every 2 weeks because I wear them everyday and I often use eyeshadow as well so then the liner soaks up the powder and dries the nib out. I am also quite particular in that I like the felt pen type liners, not the 'dip and draw' ones-I just get a better line with a felt pen.
This one was from Topshop, their new Makeup line, and cost £6.50 which is pretty reasonable-I normally get a Bourjois on 17 one which is about £7/8. I got black and it is a very carbonated black, not some of the wishy washy grey-blacks you sometimes find with an eyeliner. So I will have to keep you updated on how it wears, as I've not properly used it yet. But another plus, is that I love the packaging! I'm such a girl!
Have you used any of the Topshop makeup yet? What do you think?
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Alexandra said...

I love the topshop makeup line, there nail polishs are AMAZING

Poppy said...

I got this when it first came out, I really loved it. It's a great alternative to my Mac pot eyeliner!

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