A Little Bit Prada/A Little Bit Eastern European........

Feeling a little inspired by Prada at the moment. I really want to get a turban but I'm not sure North Devon is quite ready for that yet. So as a compromise I decided on this scarf which I bought from H&M years ago, it literally fell out of my wardrobe and I thought, yes! Just what's needed.

I bought this shirt from Gap as part of my uniform, it's really crisp and a complete classic. I love the bib front and mandarin collar, it's such an easy piece to wear. I am in a little bit of a rut with my clothes at the moment, I am still coveting really luxe, simple pieces, (my FIN Oslo order has arrived-it's lush-I am planning how I can afford the next hit..!) but I think sometimes simple pieces can seem boring if they're not cleverly accessorised. So I have tried to be nifty here with my scarf and pumps. 

This bag was a charity shop find, it was a measly £2 and just reeks of Angel Jackson, the panther clasp is sooo contemporary, I can't believe it's a vintage bag. Nor the condition-I've bought really tatty thrift pieces before just because I love them, but it is lovely to find something that is so unused.

Shirt, Trousers: Gap Loafers:Zara Bag: Vintage Headscarf: H&M
Again, these trousers are getting a lot of webspace on my blog at the mo, but it is only because they're soooo comfy and easy to wear. I just love them!

What do you think of headscarves? I had positive comments about it all day until I went to the Boy's and his flatmate asked if I was working the Pirate look (in good humour, bless him) and I had to point out the difference between a luxe silk headscarf and a ratty old pirate's bandanna (difference=huge.) I quite liked it anyway!
Hope you're having a good week! Thankyou for all my lovely comments :) I'm afraid I don't think I'll have time to post tomorrow, since I am taking the boy out on a date :) Only for a curry but it's so nice to have him all to myself, I can't wait :D
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Anonymous said...

Love this outfit - so simple! Your trousers are perfect, they're on my wishlist! x

Rebecca said...

Great bag and lovely shoes :) xx


heartshapedbruise. said...

Ah, I've been wondering whereabouts in Devon you are.. (I'm in the South!)

Love those trousers :)


Jamie said...

I absolutely LOVE the look on you! Those shoes are FANTASTIC!!


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