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Fashion East was one of the longer shows of London Fashion Week, and I watched the live stream and took copious notes, which I then lost, and re-found, and now can submit to you my review of the show. I did a little bit of research on the lable and discovered that the organisation was founded by the Truman Brewery in 2000 as a platform for up and coming designers to get their creations seen. Selected individuals are invited to present a collection to international buyers, and they get the whole catwalk presentation at LFW for free, with all the bells and whistles they need, without the crippling costs that can end designer's careers before they start. Individuals who have benefitted from this program include Richard Nicoll, Holly Fulton, Louise Goldin, Marios Schwab, Meadham Kirchhoff and Roksanda Iilncic.

Now, irritatingly, I can't remember which designers showed what-due to a dodgy internet connection my live stream was a little bit juddery. And you'd think I'd be able to find this information on the internet-no such luck. The only one I found, from the Fashion East homepage, was Felicity Brown. But I couldn't tell you which part of the show was hers. This is turning into the crappest review ever!

I think it would just be easier if I wrote down what each 'part' of the show involved, regardless of who designed it. Yes.

So part one was very grungy, I thought. There were a lot of 'socks and sandals' going on, but in a dirtier, grittier way than, say, Burberry would show them. I noticed a prevalence of waist bags too-perhaps they'll be another 'bubbling under' trend for next season?
Edges were raw, except on hair and beauty, where there was a prevalence of slick plaits and centre partings. White was such a feature of LFW and it wasn't hard to find here, either.

Part two was a different story. I think this may have been Felicity Brown's section-(sorry Fez) and the catwalk was filled with colour and pretty ruffled dresses. Block colours added a punchier kick to sugary flounces and raw hems took the twee edge off fabulous frocks. Hair in messy topknots complemented the busy dresses and made sure there could be no princessy connotations.

Part three was stripped right back to plainly, androgynous levels. White was the mainstay of this stage and the models (of both sexes) strutted with monochromatic swagger. 

Out of all the sections, I liked part two the best. I love a decent dress (much as I am a trouser girl) and the selection offered were so cute. I can't wait for spring now!

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Anonymous said...

Watched this stream as well - definitely agree the second collection was better :). Those sock and sandals combinations were awful! Eech.

Love your blog btw :)... are you London local?

Keri x

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