Just think of me as the Blogger's World version of Grazia....

So, my blogging this week has been crap, even by my slack standards....I'm not sure what happened really, all I can surmise is that I am the Blogger's World version of a Glossy Weekly...(ha) in that I fail to blog on a daily basis and then cram a weeks worth of news/views/new news/new views/reviews/general waffle into several posts strung out over my day off. Though in this case, it will be strung out over an evening, since although I have had the day off today, I've been faffing about doing other important and essential (ha! again) things.
Also, when I say I am the Blogger's World version of a glossy weekly, I mean in the way that your copy of Grazia looks by Monday-ruffled, crumpled, bent, a little out of shape, creased and, quite frankly, ready for the bin. But hey! I try...I find it soooo hard to blog consistently at the moment, I am either too tired, can't be bothered (shock!) or forget something essential like my camera or netbook (I am thinking of changing my address to the boy's abode since I spend 99% of my time there-Fan mail c/o Ratbag Towers, please.) Poor chap, he can barely see the floor now thanks to the accumulation of my stuff. Only this morning he booted my slipper socks underneath the wardrobe in a fit of space-losing induced angst. Bless him, he puts up with a LOT of my stuff in his space. But I buy him Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles pajamas as a way of saying thankyou, and I think he understands. In fact I know he does, which is why he says things that make me swoon, like, 'there's loads of space in my wardrobe, why don't you use it?' and (re: completely inappropriate aztec print leggings) 'you can't throw those out, they're amazing.' As if he wasn't perfect enough, on the addition of a mirrored dresser for his bedroom: 'There, now you have somewhere to sit and put your makeup on. Plus there's drawers; you can use them for your hairdryer/straighteners.' I KNOW, have I got a good one or WHAT!   
Anyway, the start of a new course (the final year of his degree) has meant that we aren't seeing each other as much as we usually do-it's become a few hours each evening, and usually we chat and eat dinner and then he does some work and I just crash-my work is tiring me out incredibly, and I am in dire need of a break. So this is why I have been so ridiculously slack this week, and every other-I'm going to stop making excuses and lay the facts bare! But sorry :)
Annnnd because I know he reads this...another reason he amazes me, because he is so supportive and encourages my creativity....I just want to say...I love you Ratters x
Sorry...I am soppy, but I am a very very lucky lady. So I'm allowed!

Back to the blog then! I am going loopy for a good old clash of textures in this look, and I am wearing the washed silk pegged combats that I bought in the Topshop sale (which then preceded to turn my legs blue...hmm...) with a vintage cardi and my most 'Mad Men'-esque blouse, a silk H&M one. Pity I don't have the straining bosom of Christina Hendricks to put in it, mind. Speaking of which, has anyone been watching that drama Lip Service? it features Louise from Hollyoaks playing a character called (confusingly) Louise, and basically follows a bunch of lesbians and their friends around Glasgow,and it's blimming amazing! Once you get past Lou's ridiculous accent (soz love, but all I keep hearing are snatches of 'Warren! Pleassssse!'-and while we're on that topic, apaz Wazzer is heading back to the 'Oaks, but I can't start talking about that now because otherwise I'll go trotting off on another tangent.) But yes, Lip Service: v.v.good and deffo worth a watch. Who would have thought women would be so dysfunctional when it comes to relationships? And here was us thinking that was just limited to men! (well, I am lucky enough to have found a non-dysfunctional one, but all the previous ones...yikes...)

Right, I need to focus: back to the clothes instead of running my mouth! So:
Trousers: Topshop, Cardigan: Vintage, Shoes: Staccato Blouse: H&M Bag Chanel Jewellery Vintage.

I am loving that I can get my hair into a proper decent sized top knot now at lasssssst, without massive chunks falling out of the back. I love wearing it like this, I think it's dead cute.

Anyway, I am sure I will be back later with another post...!
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