Just when it starts to cool down, what do I do? Go and get my legs out!
Yes, I wore these harem trousers with my chelsea boots, and yes, my calves were freezing!
Sorry these pics aren't that great, I had to take them in a hurry!

I do love these harems, they're so comfy. And the coat has turned out to be the best purchase I've ever made I think-I love it. I posted breifly about a little hospital trip I made last week, well at one point I fainted and (don't worry-all better now!) I had to have the blood pressure thing put on my arm and the nurse started fiddling with my coat, well I came round pretty fast I can tell you! I was like, eeeek don't cut my coat!! Priorities eh!!

Coat: ASOS White, Jumper (just seen), Harems: Gap, Boots: ASOS 
Myself and Laura from Little-Love-Letters blog are going on a bloggers day out tomorrow which I'm super excited about. There will be lots of pics I'm sure! I'll keep you updated-I'm being really useless at updating my blog at the moment, I keep forgetting to take my netbook places with me!
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ashleyn said...

Adorable coat!!! I love this style!

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