Sorry for the sporadic posts, I have been posting for the last few days from my mobile cos I've left my netbook someplace, so apologies for the rubbishy pictures!
I wore quite a lot of ruffles today, I love frills and flounces in clothing but only in non-sickly colours to avoid any sugarplum overtones. So I went for a black and mustard combo, I think it worked nicely.
Also I have included a snap of my eye so you can see how the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara is working. I am loving this product, it's soooo good and I can really see the difference in my lashes already.
You might be wondering about the random foot was one from the fair yesterday, typical 'fair food' shot, see the onions that escaped from the hot dog on the floor! Yum. Well, I am a veggie, but the boy and our friend are not and they scoffed them!
Will try and resume normal posts next week! The boy is off on a boys European trip so I will be a little bit lost without him!
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Mystery Bruises said...

love the little things, you capture so well!
new favourite blog! keep up the good stuff

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