New Zara Dress!

A little bit like Leon over at Eye Under I, as soon as I buy something new I have to wear it. So yesterday my Zara dress turned up (website review to follow) and of course there was simply nothing else for me to wear today but this.

I am a little in love with it-it's sooo vintagey and floaty and girlie, and at first when I put it on I was a little wobbly over the length, but I think overall it works ok. I did get some funny looks on the high street earlier but I think thats because it was windy and there's a lot of fabric to this dress, as opposed to it being because I look like an extra who lost their way to the Little House on the Prairie set. Of this I am hopeful, anyway.

I decided to team the dress with a bit of leather since a) the weather is definitely cooling down and b) I don't like to look too girlie. So I toughened up the look with these chunky boots and leather jacket, then sofened it up again with loose hair, a vintage satchel, and the cloche hat which I predict I will wear a LOT over AW. I bought if from Acessorize in January this year and think it is sooooo cute! I love the 70's referencing that has been all over the AW catwalks, and so this was a nice way to dip a toe into the trend without having to resort to swathes of camel-which I'm sure will come later anyway!

Dress: Zara Satchel: Vintage Chanel Boots, Jacket: Topshop Cloche: Accessorize

A big HELLO! and welcome to all my new followers! Thankyou for all the lovely comments you've been leaving, I'll try and get back to you all! And check out your blogs and follow you too!
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Abbey said...

Very pretty! The dress is gorgeous and so are the shoes! I love your outfits.

Rebecca said...

That is such a beautiful dress! It looks great with the leather x

Maria said...

The outfit is stunning! And the hat is an amazing touch :)

Paint it Black said...

Such a pretty romantic look and I love that you toughened it up with leather you look gorgeous xoxo

fashionismyh2o said...

That is so gorgeous I love floaty dresses! And teamed with the leather its very cool :) Love it xx

Fourth Daughter said...

Thanks for following me! What a cute shoot,you've picked the perfect location for the outfit!

Alexandra said...

Oh i love this, but i tried it on and it touchs the ground on me and i dont wear heels so its not a winner on me!
But you look fab and the leather adds a cool touch

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that dress and the entire look i super like! it turned out very pretty and its very much the style that i like! i like this post.


Spectres said...

Your Garden is very green, and your dress is tres magnifique! lovelove

Waveney said...

You look AMAZING! love it hun. Makes me want that dress all over again!

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