Shoe Crush and Latest Addiction...

Hi lovelies! And sorry for the lateness of my post-my job, whilst undeniably amazing, brings with it a lot of work, much of which eats into my blogging time-though this should be made easier now I know I can blog via my phone!
Anyway, here is a little post to rave about every girls favourite thing....SHOES! I mean, who doesn't love a good shoe. And I figure, new job, as good a time as any to buy new shoes, right?!
There is a little shoe shop in the precinct I work in now called Staccato, I'd never really herd of them before but I thought I'd pop in and take a look. And wow! Nestled amongst the middle-aged flats and orthapaedic looking sandals, they have some right royal gems! I was in my element and found 2 pairs that I know I'll wear right through this season and beyond!
The pair above were a case in point-how long have I been banging on about finding the perfect court shoe, only to be flummoxed at every turn? Well ladies, I've finally found what I've been searching for! The lovely creatures pictured above are black suede, almond toed courts with a cone-ish, block-ish heel, perfectly high but not achingly so (I did 10 hours on them today, no problem) and I absoutely love the little quirky touch of snakeskin on the heel. They cost me £34.99 in the sale, which was half price, but I would have paid £70 for them, or more, perfect as they are!
Speaking of snakeskin, I then spotted these little wedges. Dilemma. I can't really afford 2 pairs of shoes-these weren't in the sale, but since I work in the precinct I get 10% discount, making them £45 as opposed to the £75 they retail at (they were already discounted a little). They are mushroom beige wedges, almond toe, again, perfect height and as comfy as a pair of slippers, whilst still looking suitably 'fashion,'(love the snakeskin 'stripe'!) ...Sold!

Sorry for the dreadful pictures, my camera battery was about to run out so I snapped in a hurry! I had lost the charger ('mare!) but have found it now thankfully! So all is not lost!
Staccato are a subsiduary brand of Pavers, I've found, but don't let that put you off-they have a website so you can check them out here should you wish! What do you reckon to my purchases?

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