Cripes, Where Have I BEEN!?!

Hello all! Sorry for going AWOL...I had a good reason! I have now got a new job (yay) and have spent the last week training all week starting really early as I had to travel to the nearest city which is about an hour and a half away each day so I was leaving early and getting back late so I was just too tired to blog...I'm sorry!
So, new job...I have now left Quiksilver and am working for Gap. This is a wicked opportunity for me and I cannot wait to get properly stuck in, I'm completely excited to say the least!
I am going to try and catch my blog up a little this evening so hopefully you'll be seeing some outfit posts that I managed to squeeze in for a couple of days this week.
Hope you've all had a good week bloggers! I shall try to have a look at all your blogs and leave you some comments to make up for my absence.
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Paint it Black said...

That is fab news I have been waiting for you to post telling us where your new job is congrats xoxo

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