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As promised, here is my haul from Saturday. I spent the morning having my hair done and the afternoon shopping with the Mumatron, and very nice it was too. I managed to find a few bargains in TKMaxx which is one of those shops which I can almost never be bothered to dig through but sometimes I make myself and then feel glad I did when I unearth some nice pieces.
To wit, then: Above=a Moschino scarf (£12.99)
Below: Calvin Klein pointy nude flats (perfect smart replacement for my bashed up ballet pumps) £22.99
Fenn Wright Manson linen knit cardigan...RRP £145, TK Maxx price £19.99

I had sort of sworn off high street shops but then I stumbled into Zara and found (well, Mother did) these ever so Chloe-esque belted chino's. Which I believe will become a wardrobe staple, and all for £25.99
Also Mum wanted to change a dress in H&M and whilst in there I found this very cute little sequin jacket for £7, which I plan to wear over a white tee with a little pair of shorts and wedges :)

And this tee, which is a Black Books collaboration for H&M. I love the's says; "Addict: People who like things very, very much."
I picked up 2 tees for the Boy in H&M too, their menswear is really strong at the moment. The Boy has really good taste in clothes and he always looks well smart, which makes present buying somewhat easier as I like to think I know what he will like and what he won't. He may say differently!! One of the tee shirts I got for him had an illustration of pirates, ships, anchors and nautical things on it, and he said he loved it, so I think that was a good buy :)
You'll notice evidence of a Topshop bag there...I actually did buy a pair of harems in there but I tried them on at home and they just looked wrong. So back they went!

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Couture said...

Lovely buys!

heartshapedbruise. said...

Thank you for the lovely comment :)

Great haul! Those Zara trousers seem very 'you'!

I saw that H&M addict top out the corner of my eye as I went up the escalator the other day - loved the slogan so was going to head that way for a closer look & then.. didnt!
I'd forgotten all about it until I just saw it again there!

Paint it Black said...

You had such a great shop. I love the Zara trousers and the sequin jacket such a bargain and I love how you are going to style it.

Ref carboot sale I had a mix of expensive and cheap stuff it always seems to work. I want to get a dress fron French Connection for my sisters wedding they go into sale on Monday so I am waiting for that :) xoxo

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