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Eagle eyed followers amongst you will notice I didn't post yesterday...oops. I do often ponder on why I don't give up trying to post on Saturdays at all, as it never happens, no matter how well intentioned I am. So yesterday was a write off of epic proportions post-wise, distracted as I was by the following: Work (ugh), Boy (Yay) Back To The Future 2 (Yay) Sleepy Hollow (argh) Haribo (Yum) and Galaxy Minstrels (so good, so bad). Anyway, that aside, I did at least manage to photograph yesterdays effort: and here it is.

My inspitation for this was the Gucci Campaign. Well, the house in general actually. Their models always look impossibly glamourous (see where I have failed instantaneously in the first picture with my chipped manicure...yikes.) Also the girls always look slightly dirty, in a good way...their skin is always a little too glowing, their clothes just the right side of a little bit slutty. I like it a LOT.
This shirt was an H&M bargain bought ages ago for a fiver in the sale. It is 100% silk and soooo my colour, I can remember my grandma wearing something almost identical when I was a child. She would have epitomised the older generation of Gucci woman: impeccably dressed, waist length hair coiled into a chignon, fully made up face, cigarette dangling from her fingertips. This look is a fusion of granny-chic and a little bit sexy-chic, I was going to write sexy-granny-chic but that just sounds so incredibly wrong, I shall leave the title of the styling as the aforementioned hybrid.

Shirt: H&M, Trousers: Zara, Belt: Vintage, Earrings, Leather Jacket and Shoe Boots: Topshop,Cuffs: Primark
Ring: Rachel Leigh.

I do love designer inspirations. I dream of being able to buy entire designer collections and then fusing a smorgasboard of looks together from different inspirational viewpoints to see what I come up with. I'd like to mix a little bit of Chanel rebellion with a little bit of Gucci gloss, and throw in a little bit of vintage to ground the look and make it my own. Oh, the possibilities!
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