A Year Ago Today....

This is me and my gorgeous fashion friend Law on a night out. In the photo I am wearing a Topshop zip-back tee shirt, that I had repaired about an hour before, (it had a hole in!) and a skinny grey pocket pencil skirt, with a River Island lion belt (wonder where that has gone actually!) and a Topshop chain necklace. I've got some footless tights and platform courts on (out of the picture!)
If you're wondering why I've posted an outfit photo from a year ago, I'll tell you: Because this is the night that I met the love of my life, the most amazing boy in the world. It seems funny to think that just an hour or so after this picture was taken, we had met up and started chatting-and then the course of my life was changed forever! (we didn't stop chatting until about 8am on the following morning, and only then because I had to go to work). And of course the rest is history!
So I am just blogging a little in homage to him as he simply is just amazing. And I want to thank him for the wonderfulness he has brought to my life. AND, additionally, it was HIM who encouraged me to start this blog and kept enquiring as to whether I'd done my daily posts and also used his camera skills to capture outfits on several occasions. And he always, always reads each and every post I write, and says that he loves them, even if I'm just nattering on incessantly about shoes or genie trousers.
For all these reasons and so many more, I just want to say to the boy:
Thank you
I love you
You're the best.
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Marlein said...

aw such a nice post! Hope you enjoyed your anniversary! And it's so cool you have that photo! Not many people have a snapshot of the moment (or almost moment) that changed their lives! :)

KathyGale said...

You look absolutly gorgeous in this picture! Congratulations! :)

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