Insects And Inspirations....

I took these photo's on my way home from work. I loved how the sky was full of so many colours and the lights of the cars on the bridge full of people heading home from work, and the streetlamps all lit up, I think it looked really pretty.

This morning I was feeling inspired by pretty things so it was lovely to have such gorgeous images to see at the end of the day. I wore a totally girly frilled blouse today and glittery bow head band as I was definitely feeling in a feminine mood and sometimes it is nice to dress to your mood I think!

The blouse is Quiksilver Woman and I love it, despite it being a complete pain to iron due to all the frilling at the top. And it creases for a pasttime so it really is a one-wear piece. But I love it, so I put up with this!

Hair Bow: Topshop, Necklace: Vintage, Blouse: Quiksilver Woman, Skir t: Topshop, Stud Belt: ASOS, Boots: Present from the boy, Ring: Bay

I bought this ring yesterday along with 2 others, one looks like a Holly Fulton design and it only cost £2 so I'm really pleased with that. This one is really cute, I love jewellery that is a little bit reminds me of something out of Alice In Wonderland or something, which is topical since I'm excited to watch that soon!

Hope you like today's post! thankyou to all my lovely followers, I'm loving all the comments!
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