Ten Things That Make Me Happy Award

Giselle from Style Of A Fashionista gave me this award as my blog is listed as one of 10 that make her happy, which is lovely for me to know! I haven't ever received an award before so it is aces to get this one :)

Here are 10 things that make me happy....

* my lovely, incredible, gorgeous and superbly talented artist/musician/ratbag of a boyfriend,
* being able to write and blog like this and all the talent and creativity I've discovered because of it,
* Fashion magazines! Especially when they have freeeee things with them!
* My lovely family who make me laugh and make me cups of tea!
* my bed, the boy's bed, any bed with the boy in it, lovely long lie-ins and tea in bed!
* Pain Au Raisins from Marks and Spencers
* Shopping! Especially ASOS, Topshop, and vintage shops/charity shops...I love it all!
* Giving presents
* Styling...putting together looks for day, night, and fun!
* Cheese straws and a glass of wine yumyum :)

I am also going to nominate 10 blogs that make me happy:

Make Up To Make Out
Ballad of....La Couturier
Style Bubble
What Alice Saw
What Katie Wore
Other Peoples Clothes
Copper and Curls

You should check all these out they're all so different but equally stylish, fashionable, interesting, glossy and fabulous, and you're sure to love them.
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Lina said...

Right, will get onto this - thanks for the award, lovely! I love all the things you love except your bf and his bed and all that stuff, although I'm sure I would if I met (in a non home wrecking way). xxxxxxxx

amie k said...

Hee hee, I know, and you would! He's aces! And you're no homewrecker anyway love, don't you worry, I know this is true!:D xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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