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I used to prefix these blogs with, "I'm trying to save money, but..." only now I've decided to just can that entirely because regular readers of this blog can instantly acknowledge that when I begin a blog with those 6 small words, I'm mere seconds from splurging about what I've just bought. To wit, here, without the inappropriate and frankly, now, unnecessary meanderings to pre-empt them, is my latest stash of purchases!

The boy and I ventured to shopping capital today to try and partake some "Christmas Shopping." What a load of baloney: I think we were both aware that this was a mere pretense for the real covert point-of-trip: Nice new stuff for US. Oh yes. From this journey, I learnt the following:

1. A black cat crossing your path predicts you will a) forget your coat, and b) get caught in a shower,
2. Just because it is a Sunday, does not mean you are guaranteed a parking space,
3. The sudden realisation you are both completely broke comes as a) a nasty surprise and b) completely deflates the wind from your sales, and finally,
4. A cheese and celery sandwich should not be consumed whilst trying to navigate the M5. Lesson learnt.

Being as I am skint, and suffer dreadfully from post-purchase guilt, all I bought was a denim jacket (bleached, very fitted, very nice, have wanted it for agesssss so thought I could justify it) and a very cute t-shirt (7.99, so allowable as that makes it practically free.) I also bought 2 incredible jumpers which I then returned 40 minutes later as I got the shopping shakes and realised I had a meeting with my bank later in the week, so thought it best to play the safe card. The boy bought some books and a cool Limited Edition record. So it was actually a pretty decent haul and we had the most lovely day, so it all turned out for the best anyway, despite my cold toes.

Then when I got home, having deposited the boy safely at his front door, I found a box of goodies from ASOS which I'd forgotten I'd ordered (how bad). Encased within the box were the most traffic stopping pair of books (black suede, cut out detail, lovely-not-stupidly-high heel...I reviewed them in my Hot Picks Of The Week blog not so long ago) and a skinny, studded belt that I'd bought. ASOS also, so kindly, chucked in a pretty printed tote bag which has a supremely awesome drawcord top (seriously, why has this not been done before?) which I shall use as a carry bag when I stay at the boy's, which will mean that when I drop the bag and it tips up, tomorrows packed lunch/clean pants/hair straighteners will not skitter across his kitchen floor in a wildly untamed manner. Thankyou ASOS.
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