And It's Goodnight From Me......

...and the boy. I'm not sure if it is this weather, or the Christmas shopping-induced fug, or the fact that the X Factor seems to have lost its, er, X Factor, but the boy and I were in bed by 9.30pm last night. 9.30pm! On a Saturday night! Thats going some, right?! We slept through until 8.30am this morning, whereupon I woke from the most realistic dream about my old dead dog. Although she was alive in my dream, which made me feel nostalgic and a little sad. Christmas eh. I think it is not only a flipping fantastic excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, party like a crazy person, and buy new shoes, but it is also the best opportunity to catch up on some missed zzzzz's. And what's not to like about that, quite frankly.
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