This Week, I Shall Be Mostly Wearing... latest charity shop find, a shoulder-padded (so now! I love it!) double breasted (boyfriend style, nice brass buttons) white (so wintry!) 3/4 sleeve 80's blazer. A style steal at only £3.99, and my prediction is that I shall wear it to death. Pictures to follow, of course. Plus I also managed to find a deco-shape bangle watch for £1.50. In all, a decent lunch (half) hour charity pillage.

I spent my last saturday night (where has this week gone?!) dancing my socks off (literally, as I wasn't wearing any) at a rather low-end club, but with supremely high end company. I thought the boy and I cut rather a dash on the dancefloor, nay, the stage (!)...I did think at 26, my raving days were long gone...but nope, show me a strobe light and some dirty dubstep and I'll show you how to dance. Well, allegedly, until I was rudely upstaged by some bodypopping funkbusters throwing out some breakdancing. Rude.

The boy and I headed home after a good few hours shaking our collective booty and witnessing a couple of fights, an arrest or two, and a rather uncalled for PDA (seriously, get a roooooom!) Prior to this, I had to visit the bathroom for "essential maintenance" (i.e, fixing my bouffant hairdo and re-applying my lippy.) Whilst there, I spotted a gaggle of girls dressed to the nines...all tall, incredibly long legs, bandage dress/court shoe combo's...the sort of outfit you can only ever wear if you have a killer bod and an attitude to match. Once the mutual once-overs and outfit-judgements had been exchanged (trust me, we all do it) Leggy Blonde 1 exclaimed that she liked my outfit. Sultry Brunette 1 looked on, unimpressed (Lowdown: I was sporting the following:- slouchy white whistles tee, Kate Moss for Topshop coin waistcoat, Harem trousers [black, I know, over-worn and no longer looking their best] vintage belt, vintage Gucci bag, and cream Topshop heels. I was feeling pretty good, though had a sweat on from all the dancing.) Anyway, to the point! I thanked this pretty young thing, and complimented her on her look too (she did look hot, to say the least, and I don't think it was because she had been dancing). Leggy Blonde 1 continued thus:

" I love how you don't care what anyone thinks. I love that you're wearing that outfit and You Don't Care what anyone thinks."

Yup. Confusion. Either this is a lovely, lovely compliment, in the vein of, " you're unique, you're stylish, I think you're cool." OR, it is a sugar coated venom stick in the the form of "I don't know how you leave the house wearing that abomination, I'm way embarrassed to be seen even in this bathroom with you, and now I must leave immediately, if not sooner."

Judging by her sincere smile, and the fact that I saw her 2 days later and she smiled at me and then chatted to her friends who then all turned around and looked at me, I'm hoping that option A, the compliment and my first inclanation, was, in actual fact, correct, and she and her friends don't think I'm some kind of crazy wardrobe bag lady who just likes to wear random outfits to nightclubs, notwithstanding my opinions on what other people think. But maybe not. Either way, any publicity is good publicity, right? Look what it did for Chloe Sevigney. Always getting slated, yet remains my style icon. I'll keep telling myself that.
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