It's Been A Long Time...

.....but I promise I haven't fallen off the face of fashion blogging, far from it, I have, dear reader, actually been working hard behind the scenes at self promotion (harder than it sounds) and fashion investigation re: SS2010...(Note to self: keep hold of shoulder pads.) In seriousness, I apologise that I've been so slapdash of late with my bloggery, it's just, well, my laptop is too archaic to lug around with me, notwithstanding the fact that having to do this would nicely justify the purchase of a laptop bag (leather Mulberry, anyone?) although I think that in the case of Laptop vs Laptop bag that is actually worth more than the computer encased therein, Judge rules verdict to the Plaintif: New laptop required in the first instance. But in my defence, who has that sort of spare cash? Not I. I've spent it all on shoes.

So yes. I've not really been at home all that much, finding a) the company and b) the location of the boy's house substantially preferential. As such, my blog has hit the skids with regard to continuity. I was going for a weekly style spree, plus every-other-day blogs, but that has skewed off track slightly. We shall try to build bridges ASAP, but for now, here is my apology. Keep reading, I'll keep trying to cram words into this little page. Merci! x
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