Fashion Focus: Lovely Lina

I often talk about my friend Lina, who not only publishes right here on blogger ( but is also a right little fash pixie in her own right (I'm not being patronising, the girl is teeeeeeny.)

We met on Myspace ( Sooo 2000's, though now, seemingly so passé anyone even on myspace anymore? Is it still in existance? answers on a postcard....) But yes, Myspace, and bonded through a mutual appreciation of tiny vintage shoes, shopping, makeup, and Counting Crows. I learned that not only was Lina a supertalented makeup artist, she was also a DJ, stylista, and tattoo-sporting rock-chick to boot. She is also funny, talented, incredibly beautiful, and very high, nay, atop my christmas card list, by dint of the fact that she sends me emails containing lines like: " I'm clearing out my makeup drawer. Can I send you a parcel of stuff?" Aw hell yeahhhhhhh!

But yes. Back to the fashion. Lina is supersmall, so she has become adept at customising things to fit her. I spotted a photograph on her facebook a few months ago in which she was wearing a supercute little bandeau dress, and I dropped her a line enquiring where she got it. She pinged me a reply back which caused my jaw to drop...not only had she made the dress, (which I thought she may have, as the fabric was farrrrr to nice to be high street) but that she had made it out of a pillowcase. Yes. You read that correctly. She had snipped the bottom seam open, put some elastic through the top for staying power, and, Presto Changeo, a kicky little dress. Regardez:

I'll let her tell the full tale of the pillowcase dress here (it is so much better when she tells it):

"Just to recap the story behind the 'pillowcase dress'. Well, not much of a story, I remembered my mum had these really retro pillowcases, two in particular. One was this mustard yellow one, and the other was one with blue stripes. She never used them anymore, I just had memories of seeing them around. Anyway, when I tried to pilfer them unfortch I could only find the yellow. It was quite funny 'cause when I asked if I could have it, my sister questioned "what are you going to do with that" and my mum just instinctively knew what my intentions were and said, "she's going to make a dress out of it." and my sister then laughed and said I was ridiculous. Back to the dress; All I did was put some elastic through the top half, which I had institched and then folded over to make a looped area for the elastic to run through. And that was really pretty much it! It works as a kinda shift dress, I guess. Also, in those pics, not sure if you can see my ear wear but if you can I also made the ear rings! Fully home-made outfit - credit crunch outfit!"

Super cheap and superchic fashion from my lovely friend Lina. Don't forget to check her blog out, and if any of you are so inspired to make a pillowcase dress, pictures PLEASE! I shall be checking out charidee shops in my local area for authentic 70's/80's/90's era fabric to do the same...think of the endless possibilities! And also maybe think about leggings...for those of us who don't have the proportions of a sprite (that'll be everyone but Lina, then) modesty preservation is of the utmost. Go create!
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