Christmas Credit Crunch Cracker Challenge....

OK, so I know, Christmas is like, super far away, but, you know, failing to prepare and all that...and in this vein of thought, let me present to you my Christmas Challenge:

I am going to wear the same dress to every Christmas Party/Gathering/Function I attend, but I am going to tweak it ever so slightly every time, and merchandise it differently to make it look super nice every time.*

And here it is:

It's so pretty. It is Topshop Premium, and it has like a mesh overlay with structured bodice underneath, and cummerbund sash detail, and a super-froufrou frilly skirt. It is sooooo lovely and I'm so excited to wear it...and to discover new ways of wearing it! So don't worry, I'll keep you posted with lots of pictures over the coming months! (at least til Christmas Party season is over anyway!)

I'm pretty nervous about this challenge though. It should be fun, but may also present several risks: 1) boredom will set in. I love to chop and change my fashion styles, and am worried I may feel stuck in a rut with one dress. 2) It's Topshop, and pretty partified in style, so there is always a risk of bumping into someone wearing the same one...which I had tried to minimise by buying it so early, ergo, less likely someone will get it at Christmas, as they'll be sold out, but, you know, there's still a risk there. Eek. 3) finally, what if I ruin it somehow? It has been known...1.5 glasses of rosé later, maybe I'll think I'm some sort of Santa's Little Helper and attempt a chimney climb. Lets hope not, or at least that the Boy will be there to prevent this occurrence/aid my rooftop descent. I guess my skirt will make a handy parachute in that event at least. Merry Pre-Christmas Outfit Planning, to one and all! x

*I say this now, but have also just purchased a stunning, metallic bluey-yellow polka dotted prom dress, which sounds vile but squint and it could be Luella, and the fit is dreamy. So, I'm considering it my backup dress. You know, if I spill something on my Number One dress. So it was an essential purchase, really.... :)

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