Je Suis Une Francais-Addict, C'etait Vrai....

Notwithstanding my limited French, and the fact that I have absolutely no idea regardez the correct use of the Francais Apostrophe, I am a little bit in love with all things French at the moment. D'accord! I think this stems from the recent viewing of 'Coco Avant Chanel' with the boy, which led to exclamations in Franglaise from my fair self as we left the cinema, " I want to speak French and wear stripes and cut my hair and wear a tie" Apostrophe Catastrophe or not.

Anyway, so I think what it is I love about the way that French women dress is the complete sense of ease they portray within their clothes, the nonchalance, the relaxed attitude which comes across whatever it is they are wearing, and normally, they are wearing something amazing. I mean, this is the country that gave us Chanel, ergo, they have a head start on everyone else.

So here I am trying to get in on the action:

Of course, having no photographer to snap me meant I had to cobble together a method of self-photography, which involved a full length mirror and a kicky head angle, though that, naturellement, was accidental. I like the angle actually and you sort of get the idea. This one may be better:

I look a little angry here. Lets call that my French Face.

So, to my outfit: I am wearing, my new Primark power shouldered jersey blazer, which is my trans-seasonal buy of the week. £13, and it has it all: size, extreme shoulders, roll-able sleeves, collar which stands up very nicely at appropriate opportunities.

Underneath, I have a grey Topshop vest on, to beat the chill, but you can't see this as it is obscured by my new favourite tee: bought online, J'adore Dior emblazoned across it in faux leather patches, navy blue, what's not to like.

I am wearing grey harems which I know, I know I'm finding it hard to break out of, but with the slouchy structure of the blazer, well, they just work. In my opinion anyway. You can't see them in the second picture but I'm also wearing cream brogues which are not only supremely comfortable, but up the smartness ante rather nicely.

Completing the look are my gent's wristwatch, and my very favourite necklace, a Swallow-and Anchor locket which I wear all the time (gift from the boy, he has impeccable taste).

I was trying to get a little bit of French style on with my hair but somehow it seems to have conspired against me to fall into what looks like an early-era Beatles moptop crossed with a backless mullet. However since the Beatles are currently enjoying a belated resurgence and Agyness Deyn was papped very recently also rocking a flattop, I think I shall dein myself to be ahead of the game (hair)stylewise. My prediction: come SS10, you'll all be wanting one of these. Maybe.

Until next time! Salut! x

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