A Case Of An Accidental Discovery And A Discount Code...Thus Endeth The Drought....

Well. I had done so, so, super well. I hadn't spent any money in absolutely agesssss, my bank account was looking healthier than it has in some time, and then, as if by some deceitful sneaky turn, my debit card and my credit card seemed to conspire against me to wangle me out of some un-earned dosh. Oh, AMIE! How has this occurred? Well, let me take some time to explain myself:

Exhibit A: A cheap holiday. Yes, the boy and I decided, very spur-of-the-moment, that we would take a short trip abroad in November, a little winter sun, if you will, very lovely, and actually, very affordable, by all accounts (well, maybe except my bank one). So, out comes the trusty credit card, and up goes my balance. Ah well, one slip. What's a little slip between friends,huh?

And then. Exhibit B:
I cringe as I hear my mental justification for the (not particularly cheap) burnt red leather effect zip top handbag from Accessorize...'I'm going on holiday. I'll need a zip top bag for my hand luggage.'

I know, I know. Any fashionista worth her salt would have, of course, either bought a supremely cheap one from Primark (I couldn't do it. It's for a flight. On an aeroplane. In manner of jet-setting celeb, a bag from Primark would simply not do.) Or, craftily, sewn a zip bought from a haberdashery for 50p into the top of any regular tote bag. Darn you smug creative types. I prefer to just throw some money at the problem, wrongly or rightly. And hot damn, a new zip just cannot compete with a whole new bag. And such a beautiful bag it is too.

And THEN. Well, you might just as well tell me I've won the lottery and, you know, please, go on a spendathon, forget for a moment your meagre wage and obtuse credit card bill, and, you know, notwithstanding the fact that your vehicle needs taxing and servicing and fuel, oh my, please, feel free to go and spend money (that you don't have, blates,) like water. And you know I can't resist that temptation....

Well, actually, I thought I did rather well. I partook in a Topshop sweepstake with my friend Charlotte (how much can you spend in 15 minutes? annnnd.....GO!) which was completely torturous, (for me, not Char, who's student loan has ever so kindly just come through) and she spent it well, coming away with two blazers (one sequined, one navy and simply gorgeous fit-wise, both of which I am unutterably jealous of) and a very pretty silky top. I sulked in the corner after giving her some style advice (not that she needs any of course) and then had a little whinge to the boy about the unfairness of it all (he concurred as his flatmate helped himself to some skinny jeans and a couple of snappy polo tops, whilst the boy stared wistfully at plimsoles and pajama trousers). We feel each other's pain.

So further to this, I had a slight slip up on the way back to the car, popping into Primark for some 'cheap underwear' (as if) and coming away with a pair of peg legged jeans, a shoulder padded jersey blazer, (the duplicate of which I had considered spending £45 on in Topshop less than an hour before) some stirrup leggings, 2 chunky pearly necklaces, a pearl headband, and a partridge in a pear tree, well, not really, but the perennial wooden spoon...a bottle of lip and cheek tint masquerading suspiciously as a double for Benetint but on closer inspection actually looks like halloween faux-blood and has a suspect doggy odour. Ah well, it was only 50p....

And you'd think thats where the story would end. Well, it was, until I went home and discovered that the lovely people at ASOS had sent me a discount code as reward for chatting all over their site (cause, like, thats hard for me) so it would have been rude not to use it. And use it I did, all up in the grill of a cut out jumpsuit and some rather kicky peep toe ankle boots which have more than a touch of the Christopher Kanes about them. Fret not, I shall be showing off my sublime purchases by manner of pictorial evidence ASAP.

Don't worry though, diligent non-spending supporters. I am back on the wagon, promise. I haven't spent ANYTHING on ANYTHING since that overt setback. Except Costa brunch on Sunday for me et le boy. And some Body Shop body lotion, but that doesn't count as it is a necessity and I got £5 off it as a loyalty customer (!)

Hold on to your hats folks. It looks like the old Amie is back in the building. Someone, quick, change the locks!
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